Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Dodds Endorses Obama

By Cernig

Via our inimitable researcher Kat, I hear Chris Dodds has just endorsed Obama. In his letter to email subscribers of his own presidential campaign, he writes:
I'm deeply proud to be the first 2008 Democratic presidential candidate to endorse Barack Obama. He is ready to be President. And I am ready to support him - to work with him and for him and help elect him our 44th President.

Put simply, I believe Barack Obama is uniquely qualified to help us face this housing crisis, create good jobs, strengthen America's families in this 21st century global economy, unite the world against terrorism and end the war in Iraq - and perhaps most importantly, call the American people to shared service and sacrifice. In this campaign, he has drawn millions of voters into politics for the first time in their lives and shown us that we are united by so much more than that which divides us.

That is why I believe the time has come for Democrats to come together as a Party and focus on winning the general election. The stakes are too high not to.

The last seven years have been as difficult as any I can remember. More than ever, we need a President who will inspire us to take part in the political process and change our country's path.
Given Dodds recent popularity with "the netroots" over his FISA fight, I think this one is going to count - esspecially when it comes to internet fundraising efforts.

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