Friday, February 01, 2008

Coulter For Clinton! (When Wingnuts Collide)

By Cernig

News Hounds blog has the details. Coulter says she'll vote for Hillary if MCain gets the GOP nomination. I think my head just exploded. You know its just a cynical and manipulative marketing ploy by Ms (?) Coulter, but still...

Update James Joyner notes that even the hard right think Coulter has finally over-stepped, calling her blatant self-promotional statement "madness" and "insane". Well, that's not news even if it's fun to watch them eat their own.

James also puts his finger on my own misgivings about the current Dem candidates however:
As I’ve noted many times before, the mainstream of both major American parties would fit comfortably within the British Conservative Party. Indeed, within its right wing. So, the choice between Hillary Clinton and John McCain, if it comes to that, isn’t one between extremes. Contra Victor David Hanson, the “gulf” between them is hardly “Grand-Canyon like.”
That's why they both remind me too much of Tony Blair, who earned his nickname of Tory Blur a thousand times over.

Meanwhile, John Cole is watching the feud over at NRO, where Jonah thinks Bush took the GOP to the left - which I suppose at least means Jonah admits Bush took the GOP in a fascist direction - and the argument is over whether McCain's nomination will mean the end of the universe or merely the end of the world.

Pass the popcorn.

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