Tuesday, February 05, 2008

CBS Kills Siegelman Story After WH Pressure

By Cernig

If you've been following the case of ex-Gov. Don Siegelman (D-AL), then you'll know about Jill Simpson, the Republican lawyer who's testified that Alabama Republicans often chattered about how the Justice Department and local U.S. attorneys would take Siegelman down with White House approval. You'll also know about the way in which Republican lawmakers have rallied around the White House flag to question Simpson's credibility.

Now, via Larisa, comes news that the White House has been leaning on the media as part of its program to make Simpson's whistle-blowing go away.
Well folks, seems that 60 Minutes is postponing (read "killing") its Siegelman story. The excuse I am told for this lapse in ethics is that the network needs more time to vet the whistle-blower, Dana Jill Simpson. You see, the reason the network suddenly needs more time to vet Simpson is that the White House has launched a direct campaign inside CBS to discredit her and just to make sure the dirt sticks, they have called in some favors too. I am told that Senator Jeff Sessions has been instructed to help the White House discredit Simpson as part of his "Senatorial" duties. Nice system of government we have here, eh?

So, two things are going to happen now. The first is, we will be including what 60 Minutes did not report as part of the Raw Story series on the case. Instead of 5 installments, we will now have 6. Second, all of you as citizens of this nation must voice your concerns about this situation to CBS. You want a free press? Then fight for it!

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