Monday, January 28, 2008

Sarko's Multipolar World

By Cernig

Just a quick mention of a story that seems to give weight to my feeling that France's president Sarkozy sees an opportunity to enhance his nation's prestige and power in a world looking to multi-polar options. After seven years of Sarko's good pal Bush exploding the idea that the US as sole superpower could be a good policeman, the Frenchman has an easy sales pitch:
France is counting on India’s traditional non-alignment to sell New Delhi fighter aircraft and nuclear reactors amid stiff competition from Moscow and in particular Washington, officials say.

President Nicolas Sarkozy left India on Saturday night after sending a “clear message to the Indians,” a presidential adviser said.

“He told them, “choose French civilian nuclear equipment to be independent of the Americans’.”
But not independent of France, obviously. Is there a conservative alive who isn't a colonialist at heart?

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