Thursday, January 03, 2008

No bias at CNN for the Establishment

I'm watching the CNN feed right now, and just after they declared Huckabee the winner of the Iowa caucus and I saw the interesting pie graph below on both the website and the television about the initial GOP results -- I apologize for the small size:

Huckabee is the pale pink, Romney is the maroon, Thompson is the dark burgunday wine, and McCain is the bright red as the labelled candidates. The hatched marks are every other Republican candidates. I know the GOP has a crowded field and television is a visual medium with limited communications capacity for complex graphs, but I went online and saw the initial results:

Note that McCain is beating Paul by a total of 213 votes from the data cut that was used to build the same pie graph, and then the next candidate down is Guiliani who has about a third of the support that either McCain or Paul has. It is almost like CNN is trying to marginalize an anti-Establishment candidate while fluffing up an Establishment favorite. Nah, that is pure crazy :)

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