Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Mystery CNN chatter

by shamanic

So, for as long as I've been watching, Hillary has had a small lead. At this moment, it's something like 2200 votes.

Interestingly, all the CNN talking heads -- who I think are privy to exit poll data they haven't shared -- keep speculating about the degree to which she'll be in second. Will it be a close second or a distant second?

It's a very odd thing. They projected McCain when 12% of precincts were in, but now they're at 22% and I guess the totals aren't agreeing with the exit poll data. Very interesting to watch, though. I feel very much like everyone on the screen knows that Obama has won, but then again, Obama hasn't won, at least not yet.

And who are the 79 people who voted Gravel? Does he have cousins out there or something?

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