Thursday, January 03, 2008

More Iowa poll crazy-making

by shamanic

The Corner shows a Zogby poll that puts Obama and Huck in the lead.

I can see Huck getting the GOP nomination, especially if he wins tonight. He won't win New Hampshire, but South Carolina is a real possibility for him, and Super Tuesday would put him in strong contention.

And if the race is between any of the top three Democrats and Mike Huckabee, the GOP is in for a few years of bitter infighting and massive restructuring. And frankly: it's time. I'm sympathetic to a lot of the "leave me alone" ideals of old-style Republicanism, I just don't see any of those in the current party. It makes no sense to be for low taxes, deficit spending, and a growing national debt. Republican fiscal policy has become an incoherent mishmash of ideologically driven but ultimately contrary talking points.

I don't pretend that Democrats have all the answers, but of the two parties, the Democrats are at least serious about pursuing solutions, and I believe they can be pushed toward responsibility in governing.

When the GOP gets serious, and quits targeting gays and minorities, I could end up as part of the new coalition that puts it back in power. But it has a long way to go, and a Huckabee nomination would be nothing short of the first step along that road.

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