Saturday, January 19, 2008

Mitt wins in Nevada

By Libby

This is coming from Faux News so who knows how reliable it is, but they've called it for Mitt.
Mitt Romney won the Nevada Republican caucuses Saturday, scoring dramatic back-to-back victories in the race for the nomination.

Early returns showed him taking 55 percent in the state, followed by John McCain with 12 percent, Ron Paul with 12 percent, Mike Huckabee with 8 percent, Fred Thompson with 8 percent, Rudy Giuliani with 4 percent and Duncan Hunter with 1 percent.
No surprise on the win. We all expected that, but Ron Paul tied for second? I'm now predicting outside of handful of WTF's from the usual suspects, that will be the most under-reported aspect of the race and he still won't get any respect from the elite media in the future.

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