Sunday, January 27, 2008

Mitt To Lead War Party Faction Of GOP

By Cernig

Mitt Romney is the new Rudy - and the new Fred too. While the rightwing religious nuts continue to support Huckabee, Mitt is swiftly consolidating the previously fractured War Party faction of the Republican Party under one belligerent tent.

From CNN's Political Ticker:
Liz Cheney, Vice President Cheney's daughter, plans to endorse Mitt Romney for president, three Republican sources familiar with the discussions tell CNN.

One of the sources says she will also serve as a senior adviser on foreign policy.

Cheney was formerly an adviser to Fred Thompson, who ended his presidential bid last week.
This is significant mainly because Liz Cheney has always been "doing Daddy's business", as Lawrence Wilkerson once put it. If she joins Mitt's FP team then she'll be putting what the Financial Times once called the neoconservatives' trademark "combination of overstatement and ancestor-worship" into play to join Dick and Mitt's worldview's at the hip. ( Oh, and the route to Tehran lies through Damascus.)

National Review has already endorsed Romney as have War Party mouthpieces such as Hugh Hewitt and Dean Barnett. Captain Ed did so today. With Cheney pulling Mitt's strings, via his daughter, it seems the neoconservatives have found their ideal pattsy...sorry, classic neoconservative right wing ideologue.

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