Friday, January 11, 2008

Instahoglets January 11 2007

By Cernig

Apart from a case of the duelling Hormuz videos, the blog cycle is still pretty much all primaries all the time. But there's some other stuff worth noticing out there.

Steve Benen: "Just a few weeks ago, the president was lecturing lawmakers at some length about the importance of closing “dangerous gaps in our intelligence,” and the importance of surveillance efforts in “stopping new attacks on our country.” All this talk would sound far more impressive if the administration had kept up on its phone bills."

Emptywheel: They Really Don’t Want Us Learning About the Torture Tapes, Do They?

Glenn Greenwald asks who it is exactly that is "ruled by warmongering militants and religious fanatics who are a grave threat to world peace and threaten other nations" and comes up with two possible answers - Iran and the GOP.

Captain Ed gets one right - why the US has no military options in Pakistan ever since Bush invaded Iraq.

FDL - you drop 18 tonnes (of bombs) and what do you get? Another 100 years older and deeper in debt.

Both Poland and the Czecks are having second thoughts about the first stage of the dangerously destabilising neocon plan for StarWars Redux. The new Polish PM says ""This is an American, not a Polish project. We feel no threat from Iran."

French PM Sarkozy divorces in October, has a "new" supermodel girlfriend in November and wants to marry her in January - and no-one is saying aloud what is obvious to all, that all this unseemly haste suggests there must have been an affair going on for some time. Sarkozy may be a supposedly good Catholic, but he's also French.

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