Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Huck's new ad

by shamanic

No, not the attack ad he won't be running, but his new abortion ad.

"Family. Life. Freedom." What an uninspiring plate of hollow words. I especially love the text stating that as governor, he passed a marriage amendment. The lesson here is that family sure does matter, by golly, unless you're a friggin queer.

And life? In his attack ad that he won't air, he apparently goes after Mitt Romney for hosting no executions as governor of Massachusetts. I guess down in Arkansas they build a little campfire and roast marshmallows while they watch fully restrained prisoners be killed. Ah, life. What a beautiful thing.

But dude, we all love freedom. I love the freedom to say that Mike Huckabee is a twit, and in any other year, he'd be an asterisk in the polls. Mike Huckabee is what happens when a political party implodes. There are days when I really miss the GOP.

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