Monday, January 21, 2008

Force Projection

By Cernig

Did you know that India was about to complete construction of a military airbase in Tajikistan, which lies North of Afghanistan and borders China to the East? Neither did I until today. I bet that's got the Pakistani military right royally pissed. They and other regional neighbours are likely also worried about the forthcoming purchase of the Russian aircraft carrier Gorshkov, which will give the Indiian Navy some serious long-range strike capabilities.

Nor did I realise until I noticed it on the NewsNow aggregator that Russia is conducting strike-fleet exercises backed by long-range aviation units in the Atlantic. As well as units of the Black sea Fleet headed by the Moskva, Russian press statements say:
The group includes the Admiral Flota Sovetskogo Soyuza Kuznetsov aircraft carrier, two big anti- submarine ships Admiral Levchenko and Admiral Chabanenko [both Udaloy class - C], and supply ships Sergei Osipov and Nikolai Chiker.
from the Atlantic Fleet. I've hyperlinked each capital ship for those who want to know just how big and bad they are.

Following hard on the news that France is to build a military base in the UAE, it appears that if you want to stand up straight in the shadow of the US as the single superpower, then force projection is the name of the game.

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