Saturday, January 26, 2008

FISA fight - round two

By Libby

Dodd is coming through for us and thanks to public pressure -- that would be us -- we've won another round. Reid thought he was going to slide it through unnoticed but those calls and emails let him know we were watching. Oddly, the GOP helped us out with their own procedural trickery. One might call it the progressives' moment of bipartisanship with the Republicans, each working for our own ends towards a common goal. The GOP's intentions are bad, but the outcome was good.

The bill is still living in limbo and now Reid is pounding the podium issuing ultimatums and Bush is firing back with veto threats. Of course, as Glenn Greenwald points out, this is no TKO. The bill isn't dead yet and there are many ways to slide it through. Nonetheless, we've done well to have stalled it twice. Time was, this would have passed by now. Instead it's being debated and we compelled the candidates to take a stance.

We made a difference and we have a champion in Dodd. Glenn tells us Dodd was inspired by the response, so keep those thank you notes coming.

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