Thursday, January 31, 2008

FISA fight - Round four

By Libby

The movers in the FISA battle have gone to the mattresses and are dickering behind closed doors. TPM has the latest on the convoluted machinations and emptywheel reminds us that this is not just about telecom immunity. Glenn Greenwald expands on what else is at stake with the various amendments and ponders on the likely strategies. Oddly, we could lose on telecom immunity and still win the greater battle for our civil rights.

The bottom line is this is far from over and we're still winning. There's a 15 day extension in place. The Congresslizards are off on a week's break and we still need to keep the pressure on. Keep those calls and emails coming. My compatriot at The Reaction, Carol Gee, has a linky post with all the info assembled, including toll free numbers to contact the pertinent players. Thanks to everyone who is pitching in on this one.

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