Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Dodd needs our help

By Libby

Chris Dodd stood up for us on FISA and now, via Avedon, I see he needs us to stand up for him. From C&L:
For those not fluent in DC passive-aggressive speak, allow me to translate the “anonymous Democratic aide” for you: “okay, we know you needed to do something to stand out from the pack during your campaign, but now you need to get in line, or you’ll find yourself at odds with your caucus.” That’s right…the Senate Democratic leadership doesn’t like it when you step away from their agenda of signing off on every one of Bush’s threatened vetoes and take a stand. Look at the telecom donations and see if you see some familiar names.

Dodd needs our support. I’ve been in contact with his team and they want responses from citizens that they can show his staff as well as others to let them know that we have Dodd’s back to continue this fight. Please contact Sen. Dodd or leave a comment on this thread supporting his leadership.
He's also left with a campaign debt to retire so if you have a few bucks to spare, you could express your thanks by sending him some cash.

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