Monday, January 07, 2008

Seven Years Bad Luck

By Cernig

Bush is saying that economic signals are "mixed". That's got to be some of the greatest optimism spin crap ever to come out of his mouth.

But the last sentence of the AP report is the kicker.
President Bush said Monday that economic indicators are ``increasingly mixed,'' causing anxiety for many Americans. But he said the economy is resilient and the U.S. has dealt with anxiety before.

Bush said it was important, in a time of economic uncertainty, to send a signal that taxes will remain low.

``A lot of Americans are anxious about the economy,'' the president told business leaders in Chicago. ``This frankly is not unprecedented,'' he said, pointing to the recession in the early months of his administration, terrorist attacks, corporate scandals, wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and natural disasters.

``In seven years we've had experience in dealing with anxiety,'' Bush said.
Ain't that the truth. Who broke a mirror back in 2001? Come on, own up!

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