Thursday, January 10, 2008

A bipartisan birthday surprise

By Libby

It was my birthday yesterday and I was having a rather bad day dealing a multitude of concerns that had robbed me of sleep the night before. I didn't post my usual reflective musings and in fact barely posted at all -- about anything. But I did make bare mention of the day at my first blog.

Last One Speaks at one time was a rather well trafficked blog devoted to drug policy reform but as I widened my blogging into general politics and took on more projects, LOS has devolved into a sort of secret place where I offer mostly little vignettes about my personal life for the benefit of my friends and family who still visit despite my irregular postings.

I was pleasantly surprised, shocked even to find a couple of comments on the post wishing me a happy birthday that came from most unexpected sources. One was from a woman who is working for Mitt Romney. I guess she showed up because she commisserated about the old maid thing but truly unexpected and somehow greatly touching to me was a simple wish from one of my biggest critics. It felt great to be able to put politics aside for that one moment and simply engage as fellow human beings.

Maybe there's hope to overcome political polarization after all.

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