Thursday, January 03, 2008


by shamanic

With Huckabee and Obama apparently winning the Iowa Caucus, I can't help but think I'm seeing the Democratic Party be reborn into the party of America, and watching the GOP fade to become the party of home schoolers.

Here's how this works: Huck loses NH (McCain wins, Romney places 2 or 3), but wins SC then takes a bunch of the Super Tuesday contests on the 5th. With no clear alternative, the remaining vote is split between McCain and Romney -- Rudy might take a state or here or there, but he's done -- and Huck wins the nomination.

That's how I call the GOP race.

On the Dem side, it's still anybody's guess. I think if Obama takes the marbles in NH, he's utterly unstoppable. Hillary won't do well in the south, and frankly we white southerners have been waiting a fucking long time down here to show America that we're capable of supporting a great candidate who happens to be black.

Clinton has massive resources, she's just not well liked by the people. She's not done, but I hope she continues to lag. I want something entirely new, something revolutionary. I want Barack Obama as my next president.

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