Thursday, January 03, 2008

2 last minute Iowa thoughts

1) I am very glad that I do not have to vote/caucus/shuffle intently tonight. Right now I still do not know who I would be voting for. My wife and I were talking politics over dinner last night and we both agreed that most of the Democratic candidates meet our minimal comfort level for a vote, and beyond that it is a matter of last minute perceptions. I am pretty sure that Obama would not be my initial choice, but beyond that I don't know as I have worries about Clinton and Edwards, and I know Dodd's group would be deemed non-viable.

2) Anyone in Iowa who is not caucusing should just stay off the roads is my advice as a former GOTV team driver... via Political Wire on the Clinton campaign ---

Vilmain also claimed she has lined up 4,900 drivers to bring people to the caucuses -- compared to perhaps 500 for Sen. John Kerry four years ago -- and has another 5,000 people willing to offer rides and more than 600 shuttles.

Drivers under intense time pressure, who are highly charged, on way too much stale coffee, and not quite sure where they are going will be dominating the highways tonight. Be safe.

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