Saturday, December 01, 2007

Would Rove lie to you...

By Libby

Would he say something that wasn't true? Well -- yeah. I've had this song rolling in my head ever since I read this sorry excuse for journalism in the WaPo this morning. Given this administration's long record of politicizing every single function of government, Rove's absurd allegation that the Democrats forced Bush to bring forward AUMF resolution prior to the 02 elections doesn't even pass the giggle test, yet somehow the WaPo couldn't bring itself to mention the easily obtainable proof that Rove is lying.

This is a publicly available, direct quote from September 19, 2002.

THE PRESIDENT: I am sending suggested language for a resolution. I want -- I've asked for Congress' support to enable the administration to keep the peace. And we look forward to a good, constructive debate in Congress. I appreciate the fact that the leadership recognizes we've got to move before the elections. I appreciate the strong support we're getting from both Republicans and Democrats, and look forward to working with them.

This is so easy that even a mere blogger can do it. Why can't we have a 'professional' media that knows how to google?

Steve Benen has more and I also posted on this at my MSM blog where I've started giving out daily journalistic malpractice awards. Unfortunately, I suppose I'll never run out of nominees.

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