Saturday, December 15, 2007

UK Government Told To Unban Anti-Iran Terror Group

By Cernig

The British government has been told that a terror group with an ideology based on an extremist mixture of Marxist and Islamist beliefs, which demands regime change in favor of it's own messianic leader - who says he is the 12th Immam - and has killed Iraqis by the hundred as well as Americans must be removed from the UK's list of proscribed groups.

But that's going to be just fine with anti-Iran hawks in Britain and America.

From the BBC:
Ministers have been refused leave to appeal against a decision ordering it to take an Iranian opposition group off a list of banned terror organisations. The Proscribed Organisations Appeal Commission (POAC) turned down the application regarding the People's Mujahideen Organisation of Iran (PMOI).

The government voiced disappointment at the decision and said it would take the case to the Court of Appeal.

Home Office Minister Tony McNulty said the government needed to be "cautious".

"I remain convinced that, where terrorism is concerned, the rights of the law-abiding majority and the overriding need to protect the public, both in the UK and abroad, must lead us to take such a cautious approach," he said.

"I firmly believe that we should be entitled to take this view."
.The push to have the PMOI, also known as the Mujahedeen eKalq or MeK, removed from the UK's list of terror groups was led by Lord Corbett of Castle Vale, chairman of the British Parliamentary Committee for Iran Freedom. Despite it's misleading name, is a pressure group and does not appear on official governmental parliamentary committee lists. The Committee was formed with the express intent of backing the PMOI's political wing, the National Council of Resistance of Iran.

At what point will the hawks realise that using terrorists as proxies against regimes that back terrorists, even if successful, only creates an even worse problem than it solves?

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