Saturday, December 08, 2007

Stop the FCC

By Libby

It's been a while since I've asked you all to participate in a thirty second point and click activism project, and this one is important. FCC chair, and GOP operative, Kevin Martin is trying to do an end run around the citizens and railroad a new rule through that would allow even more media consolidation. I'm sure I don't need to tell you why this is a bad thing and Congress, for a change, is trying to stop him. Please help, by sending a point and click letter to your Congresslizards. I'd note that the last time Free Press conducted one of these drives, we successfully blocked another addlepated scheme over there because enough people took the time to click in.

Also, if by chance your Senator is a co-sponsor, please also take a moment to thank them. There's a point and click for that too. My useless reps are of course not on this list so I'll be contacting them personally to rag about it. If you're really inspired you might do that as well, but please at least do the auto-letter. [via]

Update: Thanks to reader Kat for a link to the Harry Potter endorsement for this action.

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