Thursday, December 27, 2007

Poor Paris

By Cernig

Ain't kharma a bitch?
The hotel magnate Barron Hilton has announced plans to donate almost all his fortune to charity, slashing at a stroke his granddaughter Paris Hilton's inheritance, not to mention her potential eligibility.

The elder Hilton, 80, said he would give 97% of his $2.3bn (£1.15bn) estate to the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, a charity founded by his father.

"We are all exceedingly proud and grateful for this extraordinary commitment," said the head of the charity, Steven Hilton, who is Barron's son and an uncle to Paris.

...According to one recent book about the Hilton family, Barron Hilton has been embarrassed by the behaviour of his socialite granddaughter, who gained notoriety through a homemade sex video and has since served time in prison for violating probation on a driving ban.

He has pledged an immediate $1.2bn to the charity and an estimated $1.1bn to follow after his death.
Let's see now - 3% of $2.3 bilion is only $69 million. By the time that's split up between the various heirs, that leaves Paris as just common variety lottery-winning trailer trash. I suspect the rest of them won't be too happy with her.

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