Saturday, December 15, 2007

Perry Bites the Hand That Fed Him

By Cernig

Rick Perry, the very model of a modern Republican politico, is at it again.

Fresh from his Freudian slip over his social conservative leanings towards Huckabee even while he endorses Guiliani, Perry has now back-stabbed Dubya, his old boss and running mate back when Perry was freeloading Bush's campaign machine to become Lieutenant Governor of Texas.

Here's the video of Perry : "George was never a fiscal conservative".

The Austin Statesman reports:
Perry, who spoke in Nelson's living room after a drive through several inches of fresh snow, cast Giuliani as someone who could work with Democrats to make progress in Washington where "it ain't working today. They are spending too much money, it takes too long and they're doing more harm than good."

Perry called Giuliani a fiscal conservative, unlike Bush, who preceded Perry as governor.

Perry, responding to a party guest's suggestion that federal spending could kill candidates with voters, said that as governor, Bush consistently signed into law budget increases.

"Let me tell you something," Perry said: "George Bush was never a fiscal conservative. Never was. ... Wasn't when he was in Texas. ... I mean, '95, '97, '99, George Bush was spending money."

Perry turned to his press secretary, Robert Black, who had joined him at the Iowa stop.

"Do you agree?" the governor asked.

Black nodded.
Perry also dammed Bush with faint praise, saying he was "better than Al Gore"... the man he endorsed over Clinton back when Perry was a Democrat.

This venal flip-flopping in a frantic effort to hitch himself to someone's - anyone's - coat-tails and take a ride to power has earned Perry the contempt of even some Texan Republicans. Over at Red State, "haystack" writes:
in the name of my beloved Lone Star State the Governor is using salary dollars I pay him to run on up to Iowa to be Rudy's toothless pit bull as well. Check that last...I should have said coiffed little toy poodle.
Well, Bush had Blair - will Rudy come to wish he didn't have Rick?

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