Saturday, December 01, 2007

Perino scores no performance points

By Libby

The fringers seem to think that Dana Perino scored some big Brownie point here when she rudely dismissed Helen Thomas' questions.
MS. PERINO: Helen, I find it really unfortunate that you use your front row position, bestowed upon you by your colleagues, to make such statements. This is a — it is an honor and a privilege to be in the briefing room, and to suggest that we, at the United States, are killing innocent people is just absurd and very offensive.
Dana has this ass backwards and clearly illustrates the false sense of entitlement that has polluted our government. Dana works for Helen and every other taxpaying American, not the other way around. That she fails to recognize her own place is what's really offensive.

Dana would do well to remember that she is a public servant, and so is the president and every other Beltway lizard on the public payroll. She would do well to remember that she serves at the pleasure of the people who fund her position and thus would be expected to conduct herself with the barest modicum of courtesy and deference any employee must show to their employer.

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