Sunday, December 02, 2007

No security detail for Bloomberg's woman partner

By Libby

Unlike Rudy's, at the time, illicit lover Judy, Mayor Bloomberg's live-in life partner of six years, Diana Taylor, "has never had a separate police protection detail."

Since the couple has been together, Taylor has acted as the city's unofficial First Lady, frequently marching with Bloomberg in parades, hosting Gracie Mansion social functions and campaigning with him.

The nearly 6-foot tall Taylor is often recognized on the streets and subway by New Yorkers, who shout out advice for her to pass along to the mayor.

"The only time I have security is when I am with the mayor at an event," Taylor said. "If I leave and go somewhere, like the ladies' room or to make a call, no one comes with me. I just tell them where I'm going so I won't be left behind," she laughed.

Taylor told the Daily News that she doesn't see why she would "need security in the safest city in the world." Which raises the question, if Rudy really made New York so safe under his watch, as he claims, why did his mistress need round the clock protection?

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