Saturday, December 22, 2007

Instahoglets Christmas 2007 Bumper Edition

By Cernig

Some bits and bobs worth reading while you digest.

Oh look, more Turkish bombing in Northern Iraq. It lasted 30 minutes but the US, responsible for Iraq's air defense, didn't give its approval in any way at all.

If a rightwing rag tries to smear a leftwing blogger and former UK ambassador with the tale of his mistress - but neither the blogger nor the mistress have ever been secretive about it - will the mud still stick?

Parsing obstruction - the CIA says it didn't hide interrogation tapes from the 9/11 commission because it waited until the panel went out of business before destroying them. It didn't actually tell the panel they existed, mind...but then again the panel didn't specifically ask for what they didn't know existed.

London is still the capital of the world. (But New York is catching up.)

Hoover wanted to suspend habeas corpus and lock thousands of Americans up for disloyalty. But that couldn't happen in this day and age, could it?

If there's a Hell on Earth, Zimbabwe is a frontrunning candidate for the title.

Giuliani's War Zealot & The War Zealot's Candidate

Q: Cops see tasers as a useful tool to - A: Protect and Serve or B: Make you Obey.

North Korean equipment contaminated with higly enriched uranium has been found. They have some explaining to do.

More in our ongoing series on Why Mookie Ain't Dead Yet - common Iraqis spurn the Najaf clerical elite for backing a political alliance that has failed to pass crucial legislation, improve basic services or boost the economy.

"Effective immediately, assume all civilian vehicles are friendly."

Bill the Bloody votes Saint Petraeus as Neoconned Pet of the Year.

To see ourselves as others see us - how the rest of the world are all watching America '08.

If Kipling’s poem, “If,” were addressed to 2008 presidential candidates, it might go something like this…

The War On Father Christmas!

Japanese Defense Minister - our army could, like, totally deal with Godzilla.

As usual, there's far, far more at the most-excellent Memeorandum.

Update: Late Additions.

How do you explain the Bush Years to kids?

Mike Gravel is going Indie. James at the Mahatma X Files thinks it's a good idea and the folks at Op-Ed News think it's a dumb one.

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