Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Ideas for saving Iraq

by shamanic

A reader letter at Sullivan's blog got me thinking. See, I've often thought that what Atlanta needs to fix its traffic problem is a nice tall wall and checkpoints. Practical? No, but an awful lot of ideas like that float through the mind while sitting in traffic behind SUVs with license plates from the distant 'burbs.

Some other impractical ways that the military could show further progress: Remove all Iraqis from Iraq. At that point there would be zero violence in Iraq and we could definitely withdraw. Perhaps it should be all non-elected Iraqis, so the government will have ample time and space to create political reconciliation.

Perhaps we could build a series of ethnic-enclave moon bases to house them while their government works it out. That would be totally rad, and reporters would have a really hard time getting there to ignore all the freshly painted moon schools. What say you, righties? Iraqi moon bases to give the government sufficient breathing room? How much more expensive could it be than the war itself?

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