Tuesday, December 04, 2007

France Does Algerian Nuke Deal

By Cernig

I just thought it was interesting that France - which is saying the new NIE makes no difference to treatment of Iran - has today signed a nuclear deal with Algeria (and a deal for a big petrochem complex too). It's an axiom of European politics that the French only ever do what serves France - so what's in it for France if Iran keeps taking a beating from sanctions? This deal may give a hint.

(As an aside, Sarkozy has a more personal Algerian problem - his son is embroilled in a legal scandal involving a scooter. Police and three judges have apparently gone out of their way to make his life easier after he was accused of leaving the scene of an accident. And US conservatives wonder why little things like this, part of a pattern, might be taken as bigotry by the poor in the suburbs.)

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