Thursday, December 27, 2007

Can Dodd disrupt the expectations?

By Libby

Some people are thinking he can. Mike Caulfield makes a good case for his endorsement of Chris Dodd. I especially liked this reason, which I had forgotten about.

WASHINGTON POST, July 13, 1983

CHRISTOPHER J. Dodd is the brash senator from Connecticut who has dated Bianca Jagger, instigated a 4 a.m. doughnut fight, fought with Sen. Jesse Helms--and delivered the Democratic rebuttal to Ronald Reagan's Central America speech, suggesting the president was condoning Salvadoran security guards who, he said, murder people "gangland-style--the victim on bended knee, thumbs wired behind the back, a bullet through the brain." Some in the Connecticut senator's own party were angry he'd done it, saying he'd politicized foreign policy...

Meanwhile, J Ro at My DD finds reasons to believe Dodd could exceed expectations in Iowa and ride those results to a good showing in New Hampshire.

Much as I'm ready for the primary season to come to an early end, I rather hope they're right. I'd be willing to suffer through a few more months of silliness if it means that an underdog candidate like Dodd can get his message out to more people. It's a good one that deserves to be heard.

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