Friday, December 14, 2007

The best sanctuary I know

Shamanic in comments to Cernig's post about the change in the Vatican nativity scene which will now include a representation of a small pub:
A pub? Really? That's so awesome! They're finally reaching out to alcoholics who may have wandered away from the church.
Shamanic really needs to come up to Pittsburgh someday to see the logical end of that quote at the Church Brew Works ---

One of the better local microbreweries in the area is a converted and desanctified Catholic Church. As an extremely lapsed Catholic/practicing agonistic, the time at theChurch has been about the only non-wedding/non-graduation/non-funeral church time I have had in the past ten years. Always a pleasant way to tweak some friends when I announce that I want to go to the church on a Saturday night... and then the brunch is a good way to begin penance on a Sunday afternoon for a fun Saturday night.

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