Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Another GOP rat speaks out

By Libby

Allen Raymond, former GOP hitman who was convicted in the New Hampshire phone jamming scandal of 2002, is pitching his book and like all former Republican dirty tricksters is dishing the dirt on his former bosses. In an interview with McClatchy he says he was made the scapegoat to cover up the criminality of the higher ups in the RNC, an allegation supported by phone records, emails and other documentation. And it seems unlikely the RNC would spend $6 million to keep Raymond's superior, James Tobin, out of jail unless he had something really big to hide.

It sounds to me like the book won't tell us much we didn't already generally know, mainly that the GOP willingly sinks to the very lowest levels of depravity to steal elections and Mr. Raymond is just as dirtyhanded as the next GOP operative. But he does give us the quote of the day from his interview.
As for his three months in a Pennsylvania prison, he wrote: "After 10 full years inside the GOP, 90 days among honest criminals wasn't really any great ordeal."
Heck, after his years with the RNC, it probably felt like a vacation.

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