Thursday, November 22, 2007

The write stuff

By Libby

I didn't know until this strike started that our favorite marsupial skippy, (yes he coined the phrase Blogtopia), is an actor. He's been following the action on the street in Hollywood and posts a nice gallery of pictures and reports that many are joining the picketers in solidarity.

the crowd, which gathered at hollywood blvd. & ivar street, was comprised of all kinds of people, all races, ages and backgrounds. of course it was mostly striking writers, but there were plenty of screen actors, directors, professional musicians, casting directors and below the line workers. also showing up to offer support were several teamsters, members of the seiu, and the california nurses association.

As I've said before, even if you're not a Hollywood writer this action concerns us all. Internet rights are the wave of the future and the writers are doing us a huge favor by defining them at no small cost to themselves. You can help by writing to the media moguls and urging them to give the writers their fair share of the profits.

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