Sunday, November 04, 2007

Whatever Happened To The Syrian Nuke Meme?

By Cernig

The Syrian Nukes story plunged to the depths of absurdity recently when Al Jazeera claimed, the US, not Israel, had struck the mysterious facility - and with nukes at that. The entire story was based on the say-so of one anonymous Israeli businessman with no clear reason to know diddly-squat, however - something Murdoch's Jerusalem Post conveniently forgot to mention when it picked up the story for non-Arabic readers.

But if you want sublimely stupid agitprop for the gullible, then try the latest story doing the rounds of the Israeli newspapers - the Syrian nuclear facility was so secret even the Syrian military didn't know about it!

Meanwhile, utterly un-noticed, South Korea's President Roh Moo-hyun "said he has never seen evidence of nuclear cooperation between North Korea and Syria, denying U.S. media reports alleging that the communist North has helped Syria build nuclear facilities."

Try this one - the Syrian nuclear plant was so secret it didn't even exist.

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