Thursday, November 01, 2007

Weblog Award Finalists ?!!?

By Cernig

The finalists for the Weblog Awards were announced yesterday and we're humbly proud to be included in the list of 12 finalists for the "Best Liberal Blog" category. Here's the full list:

Think Progress



skippy the bush kangaroo



Glenn Greenwald's Unclaimed Territory

Talking Points Memo

August company indeed, for our tiny blog. Still, taking this with the recent Memeorandum Opinion Leaderboard (in which we made No.88 out of 100 with some very big MSM and blog names around us) it shows that we may have the smallest readership of all the finalists, but our readers are on the cutting edge of developing progressive opinion.

Thanks to all of you for being so wonderful.

Update Ah well, we were there for a while. The Weblogs Awards folks have updated the list as above and note:
Best Blog, Best Liberal Blog, and Best Conservative Blog originally had 12 entries each. We thought that our new polls would support more than 10 finalists, but we've had to revert to the 10 finalist limit. They six finalists removed were moved into their respective ecosystem categories as finalists.
Kiko's House, run by the ever excellent Shaun Mullen, and ourselves, got bumped from the Liberal Blogs list. Also dropped from other lists were The Moderate Voice, My Pet Jawa and Balloon Juice.

We now will now be listed as a finalist in our TTLB Ecosystem category, which is "Best of the Top 1001 - 1750 Blogs" (We rank 1374th).

Maybe next year.

Update 2 Tim F. in comments and at his own place suggests we and the others may be collateral civilian casualties of Ballon Juice's not being extremist enough to win the "Best Conservative Blog" award, what with John joining the Dems and all.

I will repeat here what I wrote in comments. If such is the case, then IMHO one John Cole (and one Tim F. too) is worth more than any number of "Webbies". No contest.

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