Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Thoughts on Georgia's Gubernatorial rain dance

by shamanic

Michael D summarizes events nicely at Balloon Juice, but I have to remark on the oddly pagan aspect of what Perdue did yesterday. A lot of people treated it as a joke, but there's something ancient and community-based about the approach, however ineffective.

For myself, I went to see "a conversation with Ani DiFranco" at a tiny bookstore here in Decatur while the world prayed for rain. I'm not especially a fan of Ani, having too few arms to keep up with the acres of creative output she churns out each year, but I had a few good reasons to go and ended up enjoying it quite a bit. She was warm, intelligent, and really deeply grounded. The Ani freaks weren't even annoying. Nobody fainted or shrieked or cried. Really, I've been to some shows. It could have gone either way.

As Michael notes, it did get cloudy in Atlanta yesterday, and then cleared up. Today's sunny so far. I think it's a little crazy that Perdue tacitly acknowledges (through his prayer vigil) that either God doesn't know that the lakes are drying up or that God has been too busy with other things to listen to the individual prayers of millions of residents of the southeastern United States. Perhaps Sonny thinks that God is essentially a politician, susceptible to the masses when they band together (though as a Republican, Sonny doesn't actually believe that the masses should band together).

So yesterday, my state's governor lobbied God on behalf of those of us who like to drink and shower and flush. And nothing happened.

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