Saturday, November 10, 2007

So long Gideon, hello condoms

By Libby

I never really understood why every hotel put a bible in the night stand drawer. I mean, you're either working or on vacation, so what are the chances you're going to want to look up a Bible passage to pass the time? Me, I check the local phone book to see what the restaurant scene is like.

In any event, the Gideon Bible's days appear to be numbered

Edgier chains like the W provide "intimacy kits" with condoms in the minibar, while New York's Mercer Hotel supplies a free condom in each bathroom. Neither has Bibles. Since its recent renovation, the Sofitel L.A. offers a tantalizing lovers' dice game: roll one die for the action to be performed (for example, "kiss," "lick") and the other for the associated body part. The hotel's "mile high" kit, sold in the revamped gift shop, includes a condom, a mini vibrator, a feather tickler and lubricant. The new Indigo hotel in Scottsdale, Ariz., a "branded boutique" launched by InterContinental, also has no Bibles, but it does offer a "One Night Stand" package for guests seeking VIP treatment at local nightclubs and late checkout for the hazy morning after.

The Bibles are mainly falling out of favor due to complaints of religious bias. The hotels prefer to avoid litigation that might result in some requirement to place the holy texts of every religion in the room and are increasingly opting out of the tradition altogether. This current trend towards intimacy aids seems more practical, not to mention honest, but I do wonder how long it will take before the morality police in the 'family values' crowd start picketing the hotels for encouraging recreational sex.

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