Friday, November 09, 2007

Sex scandal fatigue

By Libby

What does it say about how high the Republicans have raised the bar on sex scandals that I wondered if this little sex crime was interesting enough to post?

Navy prosecutors alleged Ronan used a camera hidden in an air purifier to tape the male midshipmen having sex with girlfriends or masturbating while they stayed in guest bedrooms at his home in Annapolis, Maryland. They were there as part of an academy program that places students in private homes during their free time.

Ronan testified this week that he bought the device to make sure the students didn't throw parties while he wasn't home. He said he tested it once, but later used it only to clean the air in the spare bedrooms, not for taping.

Prosecutors said Ronan began using the device for taping as early as May 2006. Two men -- one a midshipman, the other a former student -- found the recordings in January and turned them over to authorities.

The doctor, who is a pediatrician assigned to the Navy's Bureau of Medicine and Surgery in Washington, says he was framed by the pair that turned in the tapes. The military jury disagreed and found him guilty. Me, I just find the idea that he's taping his house guests without their knowledge pretty creepy and sadly symptomatic of the greater breakdown of civil society. When suspicion overcomes trust, respect is all but lost forever.

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