Sunday, November 04, 2007

Pre-Pats/Colts Wagers

I am trying to do some work right now so that I can enjoy the Pats-Colts game in its entirity, so here are some of my quick thoughts on the betting lines and strategy for big events of the next week:

1) I'll take the UNDER for the Pats-Colts as I believe that both teams' coaching staffs believe that the opponent's offense can score at near will, so as pre-emptive offensive defensive tactics, both teams will slow it down to play fewer possessions over the course of the game.
2) I'll take the Patriots giving the points, I just think that they are slightly better than the Colts right now, and they are looking damn good.
3) The Over/Under for Luke Ravenstahl's two party vote share in the Pittsburgh Mayoral election is 62.5% according to estimates of me and some of my friends. I'll take the Over, as DeSantis is a superior candidate and more comptetent technocrat but he is a Republican running in a Pittsburgh municipal election.

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