Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Playing Candidate Match-Up

By Cernig

At the urging of regular Newshoggers reader and researcher Kat I finally tried out ABC's Match-O-Matic quiz, which says it will match your opinions with those of the various presidential candidates and give your top three matches.

Here's mine, according to ABC:
1. Dennis Kucinich
2. Mike Gravel
3. Joe Biden
I'm not sure I agree with that. I figured Chris Dodd and Bill Richardson would be in there somewhere - and I'd never vote for Biden having disagreed with him strongly on Iraqi federalism and on his opportunistic sponsorship of credit legislation that was one of the biggest corporate welfare acts ever passed by a US congress. But it certainly consigns me firmly to the European democratic-socialist center - or the "kooky moonbat left" as it is defined in America.

If you try it out for yourself, maybe you could let me know in comments what the results were and how well you think the quiz matched you to candidates.

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