Thursday, November 01, 2007

Phelps' church to pay $10M in damages to soldier's family

by shamanic

Fred Phelps' church, the "God hates fags" people, has been hit with a $10.9M judgment for pain and suffering from a protest at a soldier's funeral. Look, I think what Phelps does, and has done for decades, is among the most grotesque displays of callous hatred toward families in their most vulnerable time, but I disagree strongly with this ruling.

If free speech means anything, it has to mean that you can't be destroyed financially for communicating your hateful religious beliefs. And to clarify: I don't think that religious beliefs are inherently hateful, but Phelps' definitely are.

But free speech even applies to complete assholes worthy of scorn and loathing. It's how it is. The ruling monetary judgement should be reversed.

(Edited to reflect, you know, what I meant to say.)

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