Monday, November 26, 2007

Lead America, Frenchies

by shamanic

There's so much wrong with Don Surber's piece at the Daily Mail blogs today, I'm not entirely sure where to begin. First, he asserts that Democrats are looking for a "presidential candidate", while those pure-of-heart Republicans are looking for "a president" -- and apparently they've found it Tony Blair and Nicolas Sarkozy!

Oh, the longing for a real man of vision on the right! What fascinates is that they've had their real man of vision in office for the last six-plus years, and Surber never even mentions him. He longs for a leader who will communicate America's greatness. Personally, I want a leader who will restore America's greatness.

Our nation has been stained by a petty man masquerading as a leader who has taken our most cherished ideals and twisted them up until they -- and we -- are the opposite of what they were. Our military was once a bastion of benevolent and reluctant warriors who nonetheless fought every battle asked of them. Now it is too easy to dismiss their noble service with the single word "torture". We are indebted to China and other unsavory creditor nations financially, poverty rises annually now, homes are being foreclosed on at record rates, and we are trapped in the sands of a foreign entanglement that millions of well-meaning Americans urged our leaders to avoid.

Lead America, Republicans? Yes, right over a cliff.

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