Thursday, November 22, 2007

Instahoglets Thanksgiving Special

By Cernig

I'd just like to thank my co-bloggers and our readers. You all rock!

Now, some desserts to go with your stuffing...

Tim F. at Balloon Juice has a novel way to halt the Iraqi insurgency - hire them.

At The Nation, Chris Hedges is ready to withold his taxes if Bush attacks Iran.

David Cameron, the UK Conservative Party leader who advocates civil liberties, support for same-sex partnerships and action on global warming is to be the first British conservative leader in six years to visit the "toxic Texan" in the White House.

Larisa At-Largely wonders about the house of saud and American zeal to look the other way.

Keep your eye on the next curveball from Iraq - Shiite infighting between SCIRI seperatists and Sadr nationalists - which is causing increasing instability. Because you know the White House and their cheerleaders aren't.

Kevin Drum has a new word - lecondel, v, "to Condoleezza".

Now who's nuts? "Israel has asked for U.S. help in cracking down on illegal pistachio nut imports from Iran."

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