Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Guess What Pakistan Spent Its Aid Money On

By Cernig

Did Pakistan spend the $10 billion in Bush adminsitration aid on fighting the War on (some) Terror as America's ally, as it was supposed to?

Nope, according to the Center for Strategic and International Studies's Frederick Barton. Most of the money got spent on preparations for a war with neighbour and nuclear rival India, he told NPR on Monday. The Indian press have noticed, even if the U.S. media hasn't.
"We found that that the Pakistani military has been using that money and the majority of our direct military assistance for the purchase of high-tech weaponry such as the F-16 fighters," senior adviser in the CSIS Frederick (Rick) Barton said.

"It appears that the Pakistan military is continuing to arm more for its confrontation with India than it is for the war on terror because these weapons really don't have that much application for the kinds of low-grade persistent Taliban fighters and Al Qaida fighters that you find in the Northwest part of Pakistan,"
Yeah, Dubya, you looked into Mushie's eyes, we know...

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