Thursday, November 08, 2007

ENDA, incomplete, passes House

by shamanic

I saw Andrew Sullivan's celebratory post about ENDA passing the House last night, but noticed he didn't mention whether it included transgender folks in the language.

Of course it didn't, and I'm 100% with Melissa and Pam when I say that really, really sucks.

After the 2004 election, I learned what it's like to wake up in America with your fundamental rights restricted by a bigoted hijacking of the voting process. Soon, I may wake up knowing what it's like to get some legal protections granted on the backs of those who were still too politically unpalatable to be included.

This is some ugly stuff, and there isn't any part of me that's glad that ENDA passed without including the gender revolutionaries in it. Why do we have to fight this fight over and over again?

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