Thursday, November 29, 2007

Dodd fought for consumers when it counted

By Libby

I've been meaning to give Chris Dodd some attention and just received a campaign email that reminds me to do so. This is useful to remember when you're weighing who to support in the primaries.

But just as importantly, America needs a President who knows how to get results, and who will bring people together to turn Democratic principles into American policies. Recognized for his independence and leadership in the fight against so-called bankruptcy "reform," Chris Dodd was one of only 25 Senators to vote against the 2005 bankruptcy "reform" bill and the only Presidential candidate in the Senate to repeatedly vote against bankruptcy legislation that failed to protect children and families. As President, Chris Dodd will rebuild the bankruptcy safety net and distinguish between those who have worked hard and played by the rules and those trying to walk away from their responsibilities.

That Credit Card Industry Welfare Act was one of most abysmal 'reforms' ever foisted off on Americans in the history of our nation. I'm not sure we should forgive anyone who voted for it.

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