Sunday, November 18, 2007

Bush's revenge

By Libby

Bush may claim that he doesn't pay attention to the polls but you just know it really bugs him that's he so unpopular. At The Left Coaster Paradox worries about what Bush might do in a last ditch attempt to save his 'legacy.'

The pressures on Bush in 2008 are going to be immense, he is a total crippled lightweight desperate to be taken seriously on any level, and anything could happen to our country and democracy next year. Anything.

I've been saying this since before the 04 election but I wonder if Bush hasn't already realized his place in history is going to be as the most incompetent president ever and decided that as long as he's going to known as a colossal f*ckup, he's going to do his damnedest to screw up as much as sub-humanly possible and leave our country, and indeed the entire world, so irreparably FUBAR that it may never recover. Thus will he take his petty revenge for our mockery.

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