Wednesday, October 24, 2007

When southern governors attack... each other

by shamanic

I've neglected blogging duties because of a trip to DC to perform spoken word at the Ganymede Arts Festival, which occasioned a pair of 10-hour drives back and forth.

Today was rainy most of the way, which made 10 hours alone in my car extra-super-awesome, but one thing I noticed was just how terribly depleted the reservoirs in North Carolina were. This one, for instance, which I'm pretty sure is the Neuse River Basin and watershed area that I drove through. You'll notice from the Google Maps picture that in the past it was all full of water and stuff.

No longer. Today, I glanced over to see some good southern wetland and witnessed an emptied lakebed, barely even a marsh. Grass has begun to grow there. It was a shocking sight.

Meanwhile, in a state where our lakes continue to hold (some) water, the governor wants to go nuclear on both the endangered species act and the state next door. I guess addressing the underlying problems (fast growth in the southeast; lack of a regional water plan) isn't on the Sonny-Do list.

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