Thursday, October 25, 2007

Syria Calls In The Cleaners

By Cernig

Following up on yesterday's post about the ISIS report which said their experts had identified what they thought might be that Syrian site the Israelis bombed in September - the NY Times has some interesting satellite photos today that shows a massive clean-up operation has been done at said site.

There was obviously something happening there the Syrians didn't want anyone having a good look at.

But, logically, that doesn't prove it must have been a nuclear something. The arguments for saying the "nuke" stuff is just value-added agitprop are still just as valid as they were before. I'm still of a mind that this facility was a less-sexy but perhaps even more dangerous chemical weapons/missile fabrication plant. If so, the Israelis actually had more reason for an attack than if it was a nuke plant which was years from completion. But they still should have involved the international community and left out the nukey-scarey BS - because one loose-cannon state isn't counterbalanced by being yet another loose-cannon state.

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