Thursday, October 04, 2007

(Special) Instahoglets October 4th 2007

The purpose of the InstaHoglets blog round-up is to feature posts predominantly (but by no means exclusively) from those in our blogroll that can add perspective and information to a topic already being covered, that introduce new topics, or that gives us all an engaging break from the same old thing.

As the current compiler of the InstaHoglets round-up I search primarily through the blogroll looking for the underreported topic or the uncommon, well-argued perspective.

Unfortunately for some reason when I ‘mouse over’ the blogroll links I get inconsistent and inaccurate reports of when your blogs were last updated. That's not very helpful to me or to you (I'm looking into-it) when trying to compile a current blog round-up that should be posted in a timely fashion.

In the left column of NEWSHOGGERS you will see a sidebar segment called “Contact Newshoggers” and a plain-text address called ‘Blogpost Tips’ (obviously you’ll have to convert that yourselves to a link in your own address books).

If you have a post--or a link to someone else's post-- that you think is pretty darned good/important then just send your post-specific link to the ‘tips’ address to expedite inclusion in the ‘round-up’.

Blogroll Addition!

Iran Affairs--authored by Cyrus Safdari, is a new addition to the Newshogger blogroll. Pay him a visit—smart, interesting and pretty damn pertinent, I'd say.

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